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Vehicle Tracking System

Our Vehicle Tracking System is closely integrated with GPS based satellite which provides all the necessary information of individual vehicle to GPS tracking server which data can be easily shown on web & mobile app. Vehicle location cab be viewed on Google Map which also provide traffic updated and POI location of your vehicle .Vehicle tracking systems are become very important for commercial fleet owners, logistics companies, bus operators and for companies who want to track their field staff.

Personal Tracking System

If you are searching for the safest protection for you dear ones to monitor whether they are safe then the ideal option is a personal tracker. At Tracking Mantra, they deliver trackers which are perfect for your lovable kids, elderly relatives as well as at-risk condition persons; they are approximately the size of the matchbox. In addition, they can be securely located in pocket or bag thus you can identify where you dear ones are at every time easily with the help of personal tracking system. The elements are also having an SOS button on it at the instance of the user become lost or confused they can immediately click the button and the element will alert maximum five- mobile phones offering the accurate positions of the user. Moreover, personal trackers can aid you to keep your monitor your beloved ones as well as it can produce the report as per your needs.

Fleet Tracking Management

Our fleet tracking device is the right product for you. It lets you monitor, manage and sometimes even recover your fleet and assets. It is the best fleet management solution, helping you evaluate performance and cut down on extra cost, leading to higher profits and better customer satisfaction

School Bus Tracking System


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