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GPS Tracker For Bike In Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, India

At Tracking mantra, our bike tracking system delhi can be used for personal or individual as well as commercial purposes. As we have already specified, the need of GPS tracking system can vary depending on the fleet. Basically, what we are trying to say is that even though the GPS tracker can help you track the performance of your sales staff or delivery staff, it can also be used on an individual level.


For instance, when a loved one is using a bike or a scooter to travel to a place. Now, with our state of the art technology driven tracker in place, it will be easier for you to figure out where your loved one is. The precious time lost in tracing him or her in the event of a casualty is now no longer a cause of concern. Because with our GPS tracker we have done the job for you.


Since our Bike Tracking Sytem in Delhi works closely in association to Google maps coordinates, it becomes easier to keep track of your loved one. The tracking feature is available in real time so if there is an emergency, reaching there for you is easier


The tracking feature can be integrated into your mobile making it easier for you to reach to your loved one. All you need to do is follow the directions on the phone. You can also incorporate an alert notification system. This way the tracker will update you at regular intervals.


For parents whose children use motorcycle or scooters in their daily routine, this GPS tracker is very helpful. Given the rapid increase in the number of road accidents for young children, a GPS tracker can be very helpful.


In fact, it is a worthy investment that actually helps to put your child’s safety on high priority. The results of the tracker are extremely accurate and therefore you can ensure that help reaches your loved one in the case of an uneventful emergency.

For Company Field Staff Tracking

Primary use of motorcycle tracker for commercial purposes is to help business owners keep track of their field staff & also keep-an eye on their fuel expenses . The tracker is easy to use and can be adapted into your android system to ensure timely update of bike.

Our GPS Tracker For Bike Advantages

  • Waterproof Robust GPS Tracking Device which guarantees your update is not interrupted by the weather.
  • We provide 95% odomoter accuracy. This is the highest accuracy rate that is possible thanks to our state of the art system.
  • Our system provides 90 days history backup. This is in addition to the routine real time data that each device is programed to show.
  • The size is compact ensuring the device does not block too much space on your vehicle.
bike tracking system in delhi
GPS Tracker For Bike In Delhi

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