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Fleet Management GPS System

What exactly is OBD?

Tracking overview


Reduce time spent on calling drivers for updates. Simply log into the app and see what is going on in the field real-time. It will eventually help you to dispatch more efficiently and improve customer service.

Save money on fuel

Decrease your fuel cost by curtailing over speeding, decreasing idle time and improving routing. Our tracker records miles driven, examines the fleet idling pattern and can also suggest ways increase efficiency and decrease cost.

Fleet Tracking System

Maximize output

By efficiently dispatching and managing route you can easily get more work done per day.

Prevents breakdown
You can easily set up maintenance alerts based on the type of service you require – as per calendar, engine on-time or mileage. The tracker will also prompt you for proper maintenance, helping you prevent vehicle breakdown.

Fleet safety and security

While tracking your fleet, you can also see the speed at which it is traveling. If it’s unsafe you can curb this habit before it leads to more serious issues.

Improve customer service

With real-time monitoring and proper dispatching, you will get to your customers faster and even respond to their emergencies. Need we say more!
About the app
Compatible with both iOS and Android phones, the tracking app can be accessed anytime, anywhere. From within the app, you can:
– Access live maps, reports and alerts
– In case of urgent dispatch, find the closest vehicle
– View geofencing on the map
– See at a glance whether the vehicle is moving, idling or stopped
– Visualize driver’s behavior and correct on spot
This can make a real difference on ROI. With only a few clicks of the mouse, you can generate easy-to-read reports.
Dashboard – everything you need to know regarding your fleet can be viewed on a single screen. You can easily customize the data you want to see on your dashboard.

Route replay – through this feature you can overview proof of service, unauthorized stops, personal use of vehicles, etc. either on a monthly or weekly basis.

Fuel management – you can easily monitor your fuel spending and control it. The app also suggests easy cost-effective ways reduce cost and boost productivity over a period of time.

Other details – it will show you the big picture in easy to understand charts without getting lost in details. You will get complete visibility right till individual driving habits.

Setup and support

This is the smartest and easiest way to get your job done in the most profitable manner. Attach the tracker to a vehicle, download the app on your mobile phone and you are ready to track your fleet and increase profits.
Use your fleet smarter, use GPS fleet tracker.

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