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The Effortless Tracker so far – OBD 2 Vehicle Tracker

The OBD GPS tracker is primarily used for cars and light commercial vehicles. They can be fitted in a matter of seconds and connects easily to capture and transmit data. This small device alone can ensure protection against vehicle misuse, increase vehicle and driver performance and enhance vehicle security thus maximizing return on investment.

What exactly is OBD?

On-board diagnostics (OBD) – this is an automotive term. It refers to self-diagnostics and reporting capabilities of the vehicle.

OBD GPS Tracker

An OBD2 GPS tracker for vehicle is a multipurpose device for fleet management and vehicle security. This system gives you access to various vehicle subsystems. Thereby enabling the device to send you information on the precise location of the car, rapid acceleration, hard braking, speeding, excessive idling and can cut your engine remotely, in the event of your vehicle being stolen.

All OBD GPS vehicle tracker can be easily connected and powers directly from the vehicle’s OBD – II port. Since 1996 it has become mandatory for every car to have an OBD port, mostly underneath the steering column or in the foot well on the driver side of the vehicle.

Installation and use
Once you plug your GPS tracker, the installation is complete – no wiring required. All you have to do is log into the portal and view the trips on a real time basis or get historical tracking. You can easily access the app from any web-enabled device – smartphone, laptop, tablets, etc.

From the portal itself, you can choose a plan, change a plan and even cancel one if you so desire.

It starts reporting from the time the vehicle is turned on and continues reporting based on the instructions you set.

Powerful features

Accurate Real-time tracking – you can track anything, from your vehicle to an asset in a vehicle on a real-time basis. View the exact route taken, speed, fuel consumption, etc.

Notification – customize the alerts you wish to receive and get instant notification on these alerts like exceeding the speed limit or exiting geo zone, whereas, SOS alarm can be sent via e-mail, mobile App and SMS.
Reports – get easy to understand and comprehensive reports through the GPS Vehicle tracker app. Review reports on an hourly basis, or a detailed monthly chart.

Savings – check fuel tank level and fuel consumption in real time. Also get a detailed report on factors directly affecting fuel consumption – speeding, breaking, rapid acceleration, and idling. It’s a fact; improving driving behavior can significantly reduce fuel cost and control fraud.

Geofencing and POI – you can set up a geographical boundary for every vehicle. Receive an instant alert if any vehicle crosses this boundary. Also, you can add a marker within the boundary of important places like gas stations, restaurants, etc.


Every GPS Vehicle tracker is of high-quality, reliable, easy-to-use, and will stand the test of time. We provide every support to our customers to get them started without any technical issues. Additionally, our products can be used without any technical knowledge from an individual or business.

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