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GPS Tracker For Car in India


These days almost everyone has a car and the cost of purchasing a car can be categorized into expensive ones. So, it brings with itself a risk of theft. At Tacking Mantra, we seek to eliminate this risk from your daily life. Tracking Mantra presents the best GPS Tracker for Car which is enabled with GPS Satellite Technology for positioning. This advanced technology records all kind of movement of your car. It operates via multi-channel GPS receiver that records the car movements and then, transmits this information to the user in a compressed form. This information can easily be viewed by the user by using Internet.


The Tracking Mantra’s best GPS Tracker for Car records all the routes taken by the car. This record is stored on a secured server and whenever the user wants, he/she can see the route reports. To add more, this best GPS Tracker for Car is compatible with mobiles and tablets and can be accessed through Android and iOS device also. In case, someone does not have a smart phone, this tracer can be still be used by availing our SMS facility. With this facility, you can receive periodic alerts about the vehicle movements to the user via SMS. With the help of such records, you don’t need to worry about parking your car anywhere.


So, even if you are in the middle of the night and want to know where your loved ones are in the car, you can track them. The entire tracking is integrated into cloud computing. This guarantees that you can access the location details of your vehicle from any device.

Additionally, we have designed the car tracking device in a manner that they require minimal maintenance making it an excellent choice for individual users. Our devices including the car tracking system are a result of extensive research and development focused on encompassing the best of technology to give you better services.


The installation is easy and even the user does not require too many steps to be followed. This is an ideal device for those who travel often. After all, you can ensure that your whereabouts are always known to your loved ones. Even in a case of any emergency, help can reach you at the right time because your location is known.


  •  Live Location available on Map

    Now tracking the stolen car is easy with the help of our GPS Tracker for Car. You can anytime check the records of Tracker to view where your stolen car is taken to.

  • Ignition On/Off Alerts

    Everytime when your vehicle ignition started or stopped by you or someone else you will get instant realtime push notification that can be configured for specified hours on your mobile.

  • Tracking through Mobile Phone

    You don’t need any laptop or computer to track your car. If you use our GPS Tracker for Car, you can access the tracking data on your mobile phone.

  • SMS regarding Device or Car Tempering

    You can even stop the car by sending SMS and your car’s ignition will be automatically turned off.

  • Panic Button

    At the time of emergency you can make use of panic button to inform your loved once that your are in trouble.

  • Alerts for cut-off Battery

    Device is enabled with alerts for power cut-off also.

  • Alerts regarding Geofence

    Now it is possible to set a GEofence area for your car i.e. a specified area beyond which your car should not go. In case, your car is taken beyond this Geofence area, you will get an instant alert.

  • Over-Speeding Notification

    Get Overspeed alerts on your tracking mantra smartphone mobile app everytime when your vehicle goes beyond your set speed limit.

  • History Replay available

    To track the stolen car or for checking the route used by your driver, you can also replay the car route history through GPS Tracker for Car and then, you can see your car moving on the used routes as an animation.

  • AC On/Off Alerts

    Get your vehicle air conditioner usage report to prevent misuse by drivers.

  • Trip PlayBack

    You can replay your vehicle previous 90 days trip & travel summary to findout path it followed and k.m etc.

  • Availability of Speed Graph

    In case you want to see how your teenager drives the car when you are not around, you can check the speed graph available on the GPS Tracker for Car records.

  • Customized Reporting

    Get customized reporting of your vehicle according to your need and export them in any file format you want.

  • Graphical Reports

    Having many vehicle then you can get graphical report of your all vehicle to avoid lengthy text records.

  • E-mail facility

    You can also set instructions for sending periodic e-mails on your account regarding the several reports generated by the Car Tracker.

  • Geo Fence Alert

    Make Geo-fences, whenever your vehicle enter the fence and leave the fence you we will get instant alerts.

When you choose Tracking Mantra, you can rest assured knowing that we deliver only the best services and equipment in the city. No longer will you have to worry about the safety of your loved ones or your vehicles. Stay updated on the whereabouts of your car and receive notifications when there is any suspicious movement.


So, in a nutshell, buying Tracking Mantra GPS Tracker for Caris the best solution to all safety problems related to your car.
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