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Innumerable Benefits of GPS Asset Tracker

Managing a fleet of vehicles, efficiently and effectively is a common concern for many in the Logistics / Delivery/courier industry.

Their services are to deliver assets, documents, packages, electronic goods and nowadays food items and clothing as well, safely to its destination. They have become an important resource for day to day operation for every business. Misuse of company’s vehicles and lost, stolen and misplaced assets have a negative effect on the company’s performance. Also keeping track of them in remote locations can be difficult. Thus GPS tracking devices bring in a number of significant benefits to these operators by tracking their vehicles and asset real time and providing updated status and location of each asset at any given time.

With a GPS enabled vehicle, it gets very easy to see the location, the speed of the vehicle, fuel used, etc. Most of the benefits of these GPS asset trackers are related to reducing cost and improving profitability. Let’s shed some light on the benefits of GPS on delivery vehicles and deliveries.

The biggest benefit of real-time asset tracking is eliminating time wastage. It reveals the inefficiency in fleet movement – deviating from the route, making non-approved stops, etc. These inefficiencies make a big difference in operational and running cost.
It also decreases the response time to your customers. Do away with the headache of calling your driver every minute to understand the vehicle location; simply track the vehicle through GPS and let your customer know the exact delivery time.

asset tracking system
Asset Tracking System


Decrease fuel bills
Fuel is a major expense to any company and this GPS enabled device can actually help you save money on fuel. It lets you keep a close eye on vehicle idle time; thereby you can manage and reduce it. You can also measure the actual fuel consumption per vehicle and identify the excessive fuel usage driving style. Fuel efficiency can reduce maintenance cost to a great extent.

Diver management

Monitoring driver activity to prevent vehicle and asset misuse is of prime importance.

– Over speeding is reported as a major cause of road accidents. You can set up a speed limit for each vehicle and if the vehicle crosses this threshold an alert is instantly sent. The company can then take appropriate action.

– Inappropriate and personal use of the company’s vehicles results in unnecessary wear and tear of the vehicle and adds burden on the Company’s finance. GPS asset tracker is the only way to find out and reduce this cost.

Vehicle and driver safety

Successful delivery of goods is a matter of Company’s reputation. Asset tracking is a helpful way of tracking the vehicle and ensuring asset safety.

It also assists in driver security especially those traveling to a lonely destination or driving at night and deals with driver’s fatigue management as well.

Better customer service

– It helps in tracking the exact location of the driver and provides real-time, immediate information to the customer regarding their parcel.

– With GPS enabled you can also send the nearest vehicle to a location for pick up, thus maximizing customer experience.

– GPS also works as a proof of delivery of goods and the exact time taken on site. This is especially important for service vehicle, as their customers are billed on the time taken.

– If customers make statements about a driver ‘always running late’; this fact and the reason behind it can be easily revealed by GPS.

– Proof of delay – due to parking issues or being held up at a particular location, etc. can be easily given.
Every asset tracking solution can be customized to suit your situation. Every tracker is web based with seamless integration and extensive reports can also be accessed anytime. GPS asset trackers can help companies in many ways and grow their business.

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