Delhi: So far, Tracking Mantra used to offer 1-year subscription along with the initial price of their GPS tracking devices. At the expiry of this period, the company used to call their customers or the other way around for renewing the subscription. Hence, customers had to continue this process of renewing their subscription every year to enjoy the unique features of the GPS Tracker devices.


Now, along with this 1-year subscription package, Tracking Mantra is set to offer their customers the option of 3 years’ subscription deal along with the price of the GPS tracking device. This subscription package comes along with heavy discounts and offers to enable customers to reap the benefits while getting the most value out of their investment. A 3-year subscription also takes a great load off of customers’ shoulders in having to keep track of their subscription every year. At the end of these three years, customers can renew their subscription for the next 3 years.


Tracking Mantra has also come up with a lifetime subscription package for their customers. A lifetime subscription package allows customers to enjoy using the GPS tracking System for five straight and tension free years. Like the other packages, customers can renew their subscription after the expiry of the said five years. This 5 years subscription package can be availed with heavier discounts and offers.

About Tracking Mantra: Tracking Mantra is a leading company offering GPS tracking solutions in Delhi. Their utmost priority is to keep their customers and their loved ones and prized possessions safe and secure. Tracking Mantra has been excelling in helping businessmen and common individuals to have peaceful nights. Their GPS tracking devices are easy to install, use, and handle with features like ignition alerts, engine immobilizer, panic button, and much more. They also have their own mobile app to make things simpler and maximize customer satisfaction.