There are different ways to monitor a car or fleet. But from the different options accessible, the one that is GPS based is amid the best. Before selecting the right GPS vehicle tracking system, it is crucial for one to check the different types and their respective features.


Below is a list of five best gps tracker devices :


sku_300590_4• GT-06N- it is a small GPS tracker, but do not go by its size. Despite being small it can be used both in a car and a truck alike. It comes with an internal battery and has attained its stability. This tracker will offer a long lifetime and offer real time location to help one see from their location either through a Smartphone or a PC. When the GPS will be located, the present location’s longitude and latitude will be sent through a messaging service. One can set the time range as default as anything between 10-18000s


• JV 200- this is another smart choice. It offers easy installation and provides the combinational design comprising of GPS, GSM and GPRS wireless communication technology. This GPS tracker has a very thin appearance, thus easy to install. It comes equipped with an antenna and a GPS chipset of high sensitivity that ensures quick and fast location in complicated places as well. One can use a computer or mobile phone or SMS for identifying driving paths and locating the car in position.


• TK- 103- This will prove beneficial both to GSM and GPS stations and can be processed through GPRS or SMS. The specialty of this GPS tracker is that it supports multiplexing along with point to group and point to point.


• TR02- this is the foremost model of the GPS vehicle tracker. The TR02 uses a simple method for location tracking. Within just 10 seconds one can update the location with the help of this device. On a sole account this device has the capacity of tracking till 10000 devices, thereby making it an ideal choice for fleet management. This will offer detailed reporting and will retrieve the information pertaining to the all-inclusive driving data up to 3 months history. Its built in GPS is highly sensitive.


• Wetrack 2- this is one such tracker that has been specially designed for catering the needs of diverse devices, including trucks, cars, motorcycles and electro mobiles. The wetrack 2 looks compact and has a good internal battery and reliable circuit. Along with performing car tracking on a basic manner it will also conduct different extracurricular activities such as historical data upload, over speed alert, Geo fence and much more. The feature of over speed alert will help one in decreasing the vehicles’ speed under over speed. Besides, it will also offer the option of data history upload which will prove beneficial for retrieving data and information for a long time.


Today, people have a lot of choices with regards to car tracking devices. Check the features, pros and cons of each in order to make the right choice.