Imagine getting live updates on the whereabouts of your vehicle, distance covered, fuel used, unauthorized stops made, etc. Our innovative, GPS vehicle tracker makes tracking vehicles much easier, saving you time and money in the long run.

Our platform is designed to scale up and be easily implemented into the business of all sizes. Some of the features offered by our tracker are:

Real Time / Live Tracking

Get the exact location of your vehicle real time, within seconds, without having to call the driver. You can easily monitor the speed of the vehicle, route taken, fuel usage, and much more.

As a business owner, you will know precisely when the driver will reach the final destination thereby improving customer service. As it objectively shows you the route taken and a number of stops made; you will know for sure if your vehicle is being used for personal purposes.

For an individual this anytime, anywhere access device saves you the sanity of being worried about your loved ones traveling alone or track chauffeur driven cars carrying children.

Ignition On/Off alert

Overhead expenses and inefficiency are major concerns to every business owner. These concerns can be easily eliminated by our GPS vehicle tracker in Delhi. Some of these trackers come with a built-in motion sensor. With this, you can get very accurate time and place information about when and where your vehicle was when it started or turned off the ignition. Even if the vehicle stops for a minute while making short multiple trips, you will get accurate information on every individual trip. As opposed to the wireless trackers that monitor multiple short trips with a minute stoppage as one long trip.

Engine Immobilizer from Mobile App

We have custom designed our products to reach a high level of security for your family, employees, and vehicles. There are some built-in features in our tracker, making them self-efficient during a potential threat situation.
With our engine immobilizer feature, you can easily turn off your vehicle’s engine by simply sending a command from your mobile app. This feature is extremely useful if ever your car is stolen or driven by unauthorized persons. And through the GPS tracker, you can recover your car.

Panic Button/SOS
There is more to a Vehicle Tracking System in Delhi than just tracking exact locations and showing the route. It is now a multi-functional device giving prime importance to safety as well. One such feature is the panic button, which can be used to call for help in case of an emergency. It can either be activated manually by the driver or a passenger riding in the car or can be automatically operated if the vehicle leaves a geo-fence zone.

A contact number is programmed into this button; thus when activated an alert is instantly sent to the number.

Geo-Fence Alert

A boundary may be drawn by the owner of the vehicle, within which the vehicle must travel. If the vehicle crosses this boundary, an alert is instantly sent detailing the time and location of exiting and entering the boundary.

History log

Our platform gives you access to a wide variety of data on your vehicle movements, for you to analyze. You can track the number of visit a vehicle has done to a particular location, every vehicles movement in the last 30 days, etc. These reports are generated in an easy to understand tabular charts.

Every tracker is customization as per client’s requirements. We have already made our mark in the Delhi, Gurgaon and Faridabad. As an individual or a business owner, you can improve your piece of mind, customer service, efficiency, security, productivity, & accountability through our GPS Vehicle tracker.